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About Us

JammerSale was founded in 2017, with a mission to protect everyone’s security and privacy and help preserve your rights in relation to it. We take pride in our users’ experience with our signal jammers. Our team has been in the RF jamming device business for over 10 years. We are both a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of cell phone jamming equipment. We offer the lowest price match guarantee on all our blockers. Have you found a better price? If you find another similar product at a better price, please contact us and we will do our best to match it. We hope our cell phone jammer will help you a lot.

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Why Choose Us

Full range of products

We have a full range of cellular jamming products from low cost portable devices to high specification industrial devices.

Strict Quality Control

Always, every product is tested before it is shipped. This allows us to ensure that your equipment is in the same condition after the manufacturing process - intact and functioning properly.

Competitive pricing

We are always striving to increase productivity while ensuring high quality. Our prices on a variety of products are among the most competitive on the market, and we offer the lowest price match guarantee on all of our jammers.

Our Services

Jammersale is a professional signal jammer store online, that offer various types of jammers wholesale and retail, such as cell phone jammers, drone jammers, etc.


Cell Phone Jammers

According to the blocking signal, can be divided into GPS jammers, WIFI jammers, 5G jammers, etc.

m Portable Jammer Anti Drone Systems WiFi  g  G GPS Uav Jammer Drone Jammer

Drone Jammers

A drone jammer is an effective way to protect yourself from being spied upon by drones.

W  Band GPS Jammer Bomb Jammer GSM Jammer GW JD

Prison Jammers

The jamming device is designed for jails secure. The prison jammer works by blocking out any signal from the police scanner.

Greetwin Microphone Dictaphone Suppressor Anti Spy with Ultrasonic External Speaker

Audio Recording Jammers

Audio Jammer blocks all sound from recording devices such as microphones or cameras.

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