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Drones are becoming more and more common these days. However, they are becoming increasingly dangerous as well.

A drone jammer is an effective way to protect yourself from being spied upon by drones. UAV jammers work by disrupting the signal between the remote control unit and the drone. This disrupts the communication between the two units and prevents the drone from flying. We have a wide variety of drone jammers available for sale. They range from small handheld portable jammers to large stationary desktop jammers.

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what is a drone jammer? And how does it work?

A Drone Signal Jammer is a device that can block the frequency (2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz) used by drones to communicate with ground stations. The UAV jammer works by sending an electromagnetic signal on the same frequency as the drone’s operating frequency. This overrides the UAV’s communication system, causing it to activate the “return to flight” function.

Most drone blockers consist of transmitters. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them actually look very similar to a drone jammer gun. When you point the jammer at the drone and position yourself in the sky above you, the jammer will emit a conical signal 15 to 30 degrees wide.

Why need a drone jammer?

Not everyone is thrilled about the growing number of drones flying around today. Some drone pilots use their drones recklessly or maliciously, and cases of drones being used for spying are common. Well-documented cases show how disturbing it can be if a drone falls into the wrong hands. These drone shields have a common aim – to take down rogue drones or keep them out of sensitive areas.

Are drone jammers illegal?

While there are many people who favor using technology to anti drone uav signals, that doesn’t mean it’s legal to do so. Under today’s U.S. federal law, not only is it illegal to jam drone signals, it is actually illegal to jam any type of radio signal. Most anti-drone technology has been developed for national security. Ironically, the biggest obstacle to anti-drone technology is the law that already exists.

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